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Our Story

Trading Forex is meant to be simple, profitable and fun.  With over 12+ years experience in the forex market, we have seen it all. Traded all kinds of markets. Tested thousands of indicators and strategies and this has made us more equipped for forex trading.

We are more than qualified to walk you through your forex journey and give you just the experience you need to excel in forex.

Our Goal

Our goal is to make forex simple and profitable. Forex does not have to be complex. We have a goal of helping individuals learn forex in its simplified form and make money daily from the financial markets.

We hope to achieve this goal by creating and offering user-friendly and easy to understand courses. Courses that were designed by our experts to help you get ahead in forex trading. See our courses here

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a global community of financially literate individuals who can predict movements in the financial markets and make money from it.

We hope to achieve this by providing mentorship on all our courses to make sure our students are getting the expected results.

Number Speaks










Over the years, we have had persons come around to complain about how much they have lost to fake mentors who made promises and failed to fulfill it. 

In the end, they had to settle for mediocrity in trading or even give up after too much losses. At this point, we knew something had to be done

A sincere look into the lives of youths who lack digital skills or have digital skills that does not pay them made us to consider Creating Blessed Fx Academy. We wanted a better financial Situations for our youths.

Truth be told, Digital skills have taken over and whoever lacks a digital skill today such as Forex Trading Skill will have financial unrest.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

1. We birthed Blessed Fx Academy with a hope for a better financial generation.

2. We have over 12+ years in the industry which makes us qualified to trade this market and teach about it.

3. We have students with success stories already. Students who have made it huge in this market.

4. We have different packages to suit everyone. Every paid package comes with Mentorship plus Certification.

5. We have live trades to backup our claims. 


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What Our Students Have to Say

Blessed Fx Academy teaches forex on a different level. They are after making it simple and profitable. I like their work.
Abdulqudus Balogun
Digital Marketer Nigeria
I met blessed fx as a student who lacked money making skills. He brushed me through forex and today, I earn 6-figures from it. He knows what he does and he can teach it so well.
Damilola Benita
Student Nigeria
I met Blessed fx after spending tons of money to learn forex and still losing money to trading. I decided to give him a try as my last resort and it changed my story. He makes forex simple. I love what you do sir.
Kelvin Obinna
Affiliate Marketer CEO kept arms Nigeria
Blessed Forex Academy is different from other Academy out there. They teach the real thing.
John Hart
Brand Developer USA